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Collaborate 2018

We had our annual business meeting at Collaborate today, and I will be continuing as chair for the next two years.

Santiago Bastidas gave a presentation on database licensing options for using EBS in the cloud (we stuck to the basic database) using Exadata is more appropriate for the new Advanced Architecture and High Availability SIG.

For the applications tier, you need to bring your own license (BYOL).  However since the EBS is licensed based on named users, there is no charge based on instances.  This means if you have sufficient named user licenses for the modules you are using in your current production environment, you do not need to purchase more EBS licenses to create additional instances in the cloud (anymore than you need them for additional on-prem instances).  Your instance will be provisioned in the Oracle Compute Cloud (OCC).

For the database, have some options.  First, you can bring your own license (and continue to pay support) to OCC (note: unless these are excess licenses, each processor unit you use in the compute cloud reduces the ones available for on-prem).  Second, you can use Database Cloud Services.  Here you again have the option to bring your own license.  DBCS costs really have three components: the database, the automation, and the infrastructure.  In a BYOL DBCS model, you continue to pay support on your license, and just pay for the automation and infrastructure parts of the DBCS cost.  The other option is to use one of the DBCS Enterprise Edition models based on the EE options that you wish to use (for EBS deployments only, the simple EE model includes a runtime license for partitioning for the partitioned objects delivered with EBS).

Thanks to everyone who was at the meeting and to Santiago for taking the time to speak with us.

Mike Brown

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